catering pic

Pans provide about 15-20 servings

Kalua Pork with Cabbage                                                                  

Smoky Hawaiian-style pulled pork


Fried Saimin

Noodles with charsiu, tamago, kamaboko, vegetables



Filipino-style fried rice noodles, pork, lime


Somen Salad                                                                      

Savory noodle salad with charsiu, kamaboko, lightly pickled vegetables, lettuce


Chicken Long Rice                                                            

Rice noodles, fragrant ginger chicken soup



Tofu Poke

Small-batch tofu, Hawaiian ogo seaweed, alaea salt, green onion, chili pepper, sesame


Ahi Shoyu Poke                                                                             

Fresh tuna, shoyu, alaea salt, macadamia, sesame, sweet onion


Spicy Ahi Poke

Fresh tuna, masago, spicy mayo, green onion


Lomi Lomi Salmon

Hawaiian-salt-cured wild sockeye salmon, roma tomatoes, onion


Mac Salad    

Mayo, potato, macaroni, carrot, parsley


Pupus and Snacks

Shanghai Lumpia with Pineapple Rice Vinegar Dipping Sauce              

Filipino spring rolls with ground pork, rice noodles, lightly pickled carrots


Shiitake Lumpia with Pineapple Rice Vinegar Dipping Sauce

Vegetarian spring tolls with shiitakes, water chestnuts, rice noodles and pickled vegetables


Philly Lumpia with Long Hot dipping sauce

Spring rolls stuffed with steak, sharp provolone, caramelized onions


Spam Musubi (Two sizes)

Teri spam, sushi rice, furikake, nori


Portuguese Sausage Musubi

Portuguese sausage, sushi rice, furikake, nori


Tofu Musubi

small-batch tofu with teri-ginger sauce, sushi rice, furikake, nori


Chocolate Haupia Pie

Pineapple Bibingka 

Coconut butter mochi

Kona coffee mochi                                                                 


We are available to cater with the cart present within the Philadelphia metro area and its suburbs. Please contact us for more details.